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Welcome To Komyo Reiki

In 1922, at the age of 57, Usui Mikao Sensei-founder of Reiki Ryoho-received the Reiki system of natural healing after spending 21 days of fasting and meditation on Mt.Kurama in Kyoto. See www.ReikiCenterofVenice.com for more information on Usui Reiki.

In Japan, Reiki means the following:

"Rei" means mysterious, universal, miraculous, sacred.

"Ki" means energy, atmosphere, something unseen.

Together, the words "Reiki" can be definied as a sacred and miraculous energy which sustains all life. To me, I call it "Universal Life Force Energy".


In Japan, the word 'Komyo' is translated as meaning 'Enlightenment'. Thus, the name Komyo Reiki itself can be translated as meaning,  "Enlightenment Reiki".

About Komyo Classes

I teach Komyo Reiki classes both in person and by correspondence. There are four levels of Komyo Reiki:

Level One-Shoden

Level Two-Chuden

Level Three-Okuden

Level Four (Teacher's Degree)

Cost for Classes:

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Cost for Reiki Students

Level One
$50 correspondence

Level Two
$50 correspondence

Level Three
$50 correspondence

Master Level
$ 50 correspondence

All materials will be sent by email only.

Cost for Usui Reiki Masters


To order your Correspondence Course which includes ALL 4 attunements and emailed certificate, click below:


Francine with Mr. Inamoto

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